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Hospital Procurement Award

Recognising the NHS Trust that has delivered value for money and increased efficiency through smarter procurement practice. The winning trust will demonstrate the success of partnerships and collaborations to achieve procurement excellence and cost effectiveness.

2022 Winner: NHS Shared Business Services

NHS Shared Business Services developed the Advanced Wound Care & Lymphoedema Products and Services Framework Agreement in July last year. Since then, it has saved time and money at many NHS organisations, including Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, which used the Framework for the provision of wound care products across 190 sites including all District Nurses, Practice Nurses and Nursing Homes. Clinicians and nurses can select the appropriate product, order the required number of dressings and can set minimum/maximum stock levels.


Airedale NHS Foundation Trust / AGH Solutions
NHS Supply Chain
NHS London Procurement Partnership
South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS

2021 Winner
Bolton NHS Foundation Trust - Food Waste Reduction

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust is working with NHS Supply Chain on analysing purchasing data, patient requirements and product taste testing to identify areas where food and packaging waste can be reduced. By switching to the menu options that received the most positive feedback from both staff and patients the trust has seen food waste at ward level reduced to six per cent annually, which is estimated to save £100,000 per year. The trust, which orders 15,665 portions of food each week across one site of 24 wards, also switched to a supplier with a wider range of products to support dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free.


Medway NHS Foundation Trust - Education on Procurement Careers
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - Orthopaedic Trauma Products
South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust - Orthopaedic Trauma Products

2020 Winner
NHS Supply Chain

NHS Supply Chain’s route to market delivers wider sustainability benefits for NHS customers. In 2019 more than 200 NHS trusts had made huge environmental savings by simply switching their copier paper. The move from A4 virgin fibre copier paper to A4 recycled paper saved the equivalent of: watching 85,503 hours of a plasma TV in energy; filling 161 Olympic size swimming pools with water; felling 20,000 trees in wood; and travelling 10 times around the world in an aeroplane in Co2. The switch to recycled copier paper not only delivered environmental savings, it has also driven financial savings to the NHS - £256,000 has been saved in the first year with a cost avoidance to the NHS of £1,410,000.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
NHS London Procurement Partnership
NHS Shared Business Services


2019 Winner

Medway NHS Foundation Trust - Inventory Management system

In April 2018 the Procurement Department secured a £307,000 investment over five years for Inventory Management system. Implementation and Roll out commenced in October 2018 and the system has been used to manage theatre, day case and ward stock inventory, comprising of over 7,000 products in 70 stock locations, all of which was previously managed manually by the materials management team. The system is cloud based and interfaces with all of the Trust’s current systems including NHS Supply Chain, Integra2 and GHX. Efficiency through automating the process has allowed Materials Management to take on more Wards and Clinical area’s within the Trust and a reduction in the trust’s stock holding from 66 days in 2017/2018 to 38 days in 2018/2019. Future developments include rolling out the system to Pharmacy and Catering.

Hospital Procurement Award 2019 Winner: Medway NHS Foundation Trust


Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - Clinical Waste Containers
Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust - Inventory Management

2018 Winner

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury District Hospital’s Procurement department has increased commercial income through a number of projects including the re‐launch and promotion of the My Trusty range of moisturising creams, which is now competing successfully against some of the biggest brands in the business and is uniquely owned and made in the UK by the trust, working with a number of independent and national stockists. The trust is also driving patient safety improvements across the hospital through the introduction of barcode technology, as part of the Scan4Safety programme. The use of GS1 and PEPPOL standards has already delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds of efficiency savings and improved patient safety. The trust is now seen as a driving force for innovative change in Salisbury, with practices used in other parts of the country.

Hospital Procurement Award 2018 Winner: Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust


Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust - Continence Products
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

2017 Winner

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the national lead for haemostats and has worked with NHS Supply Chain to review the cost and quality of those it buys. The haemostats which were switched were the oxidised cellulose haemostatic fabric products. An average price saving of 65 per cent while maintaining high quality care was achieved, with this recommendation also driving savings in other trusts across the country. The Trust’s procurement and supplies team continue to lead the North East and became the first in the region to achieve NHS Standards of Procurement Level Two accreditation.

Hospital Procurement 2017 Winner: Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

2016 Winner

South West London Pathology

Through the joint venture that is South West London Pathology (SWLP), three trusts (Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) have delivered a single, integrated, NHS-led pathology service which caters for 3.5 million people. An efficient procurement strategy has been the key enabler in creating an integrated pathology service across SWLP’s partner sites. Its 35-strong procurement team conducted rigorous assessments of potential partners, with each evaluation session took up to three days to complete. As a result of the time spent developing each partner agreement, the resulting contracts are air-tight, in turn minimising any risk to SWLP.

Hospital Procurement 2016 Winner: South West London Pathology


South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit
Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NHS Property Services

2015 Winner

Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust and the London Procurement Partnership

This years' winning project has delivered huge financial benefits, well in excess of the government's targets for PFI reviews. It focused on developing professional commercial skills and knowledge, and it has resulted in a 12 per cent annual saving on Soft Facilities Management services alone.


NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust