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Telehealth Award

Telehealth can provide benefits to patients, healthcare providers, and to community projects. This award will recognise the organisation that demonstrates the most innovative use of use of information and communication technology (ICT) to deliver health services, expertise and information over distance.

2019 Winner

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - Remote referral system

Moorfield’s cloud based referral platform reduces unnecessary ophthalmologist referrals. It allows two way communications between community optometrists, general practitioners and ophthalmologists. Both clinical and imaging data is shared with the ophthalmologists in a secure and trusted manner. The ophthalmologists can then then remotely triage the patients to which eye care service they require and automatically communicate this information to the patients and their carers. The platform also enabled Ophthalmologists to prioritise more urgent referrals that require more timely treatment to reduce the likelihood of vision loss. As a result, 52 per cent of patients initially classified as needing a hospital referral pathway did not need a specialist referral.

2019 Telehealth Award Winner: Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - Remote referral system


Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust - Livernerds Lab
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust - Digital Care Hub
Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust - Telehealth app

2018 Winner

NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group - Quest for Quality in Care Homes

A five‐year project involved equipping care homes in Calderdale, Yorkshire with sensor‐based equipment designed to monitor residents and alert staff to those in need of assistance. The initiative saw sensors installed in key locations such as nears beds and doors, which were triggered when movement was detected. At the same time, care home residents were provided with fall‐detecting wearables and ‘intelligent pendants’, the latter of which enabled individuals to call for assistance from nursing staff when needed. Alerts from the equipment were sent to pager‐like devices carried by care staff.

2018 Telehealth Award Winner: NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group - Quest for Quality in Care Homes


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust / NHS Leeds CCG - Teledermatology
St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - Stroke Review Service
Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Florence Simple Telehealth system (FLO)

2017 Winner

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust - Telehealth in Care Homes

Nurses at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust recognised rising numbers of acute admissions and Emergency Department (ED) attendance from care homes, which led to avoidable hospital stays in some instances. Care home residents are now able to access remote consultations, reducing the need for GPs to visit care homes. Residents are triaged through the telemedicine system and where possible their issues are addressed by nurses working in the hub.

2017 Telehealth Award Winner: Airedale NHS Foundation Trust


NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) - CHIP
Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust - Cancer Telehealth
Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - UTI Telehealth
East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) - REFRAME PROJECT

2014 Winner

Stoke on Trent Clinical Commissioning Group/Partners

Stoke-on-Trent CCG’s Simple Telehealth (STH) is an intuitive, personal, self-monitoring and alerting tool which uses familiar mobile phone SMS text messaging to collect patient observational data and offers real time advice or guidance to the patient according to the information sent in. Simple Telehealth is affordable and deployable on an unequalled scale across an unrivalled range of conditions and pathways with the SMS text messaging free to patients signed up. Simple Telehealth and its licensed service ‘Florence’ (Flo) is a multi-award winning NHS innovation developed and owned by the NHS. The system helps to: improve adherence with treatment regimes through encouragement, reminders and interactive contact and to boost clinical productivity.


East London NHS Foundation Trust: Telehealth EU accreditation
Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust/Bristol City Council: Reablement Service