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Sundown Services

Sundown Services

Sponsors the Patient Data Award
The Yellow Bracelet Care service was developed by a team of clever folks from Sundown Solutions in conjunction with Health & Social Care professionals.

The team wanted to make sure that people who either have a Care Package provided by a local authority or private company, or those who have a pre-existing medical condition requiring medication, do not experience any unnecessary overnight stays in hospital when instead they should be looked after by their chosen care provider, at home, or in a less acute setting such as a nursing residence.

Yellow Bracelet Care is a service developed to empower health & personal well-being.

The service provides peace of mind, by ensuring that in the event of an emergency, any authorised Health and Social Care professional can view, and securely access information about the patient’s care package and other pertinent medical information. No apps, no usernames or password, just a standard Smartphone Camera is needed.

Yellow Bracelet enables health care staff to spend their time providing care to YOU the patient, rather than investigating Medication and Care currently in place can do so.